The Stars As Environmental Graders

From 1 January 2019, according to Legislative Decree 186, the obligation to produce 3-star stoves has been taken to guarantee and improve air quality.
KALON today presents a catalogue 203 stoves of new generation, allowing the ignition and installation of its products in any place even during periods of heavy pollution.
Quality, technological innovation, ethics and environmental sustainability are the values on which Kalon bases his production and research new beauty. In the KALON range, all in conformity with the environmental certification of L.D. 186, 43 products are even 5-star. All the products present in the catalogue are highly performing and designed with the KALON COMBUSTION technology that combines the action of the flow sensor (apparatus that controls the combustion air) with the design philosophy of its high-quality heat exchangers efficiency. They exploit the tube-beam technology, which significantly increases the heat exchange surface and, consequently, the yield of the product. Inside each tube, a helicoidal turbulator is inserted which performs the double action of slowing down the exhaust gases with consequent increase of the time of permanence of the heat inside the exchanger and reduction of the polluting particles. The acoustic comfort of the environment in which stoves are inserted is an integral part of the experience that the company offers to people in order to improve the quality of their life: S-SILENT technology offers a very low noise coefficient, less than 35 decibels.