Skema System

is an exclusive and innovative technology, patented by KALON that exploits the combined action of the Natural Convention (superior) and the Forced Convention (rear) to offer significantly better performance in terms of effectiveness functional, consumptions and fruitive experience. Offers the possibility of fast channeling with SKEMA KIT 2. KALON DUCTED AIR stoves offer the possibility of heating two (COMFORT 2) or three domestic environments (COMFORT 3).


Comfort 3, thanks to the 3 independent fans installed inside the product, allows you to freely manage the optimum temperature in each room. AIR NATURAL technology allows to diffuse the heat by irradiation and natural convention and, unlike the traditional pellet stoves that are equipped only with forced ventilation, the natural products are quieter because they allow to exclude, on user’s request, the ambient ventilator, thus making it ideal for quiet environments such as offices or reading angles