Kalon App

KALON allows you to manage the heat of the stove whenever you want and wherever you want. With the exclusive KALON RADIO CONTROL you can manage your stove while you are comfortably seated on your sofa, up to 10 meters away. Through two-way wireless communication, you can view the product’s operating status, vary the combustion power and program switching on and off. It is equipped with a magnetic wall support which allows the operation as a room chronothermostat.


The Kalon 4HEAT application is available for remote control. Kalon 4HEAT presents itself with an easy and intuitive software; allows total control of the product by staying out of the home environment. It is an app available for all smartphones, which it can replace the classic user interface devices. Over the years, KALON has continuously increased its Research and Development activities by conceiving and patenting innovative technologies. The research and development efforts are aimed to innovation in all fields, in order to improve the efficiency of the products and the optimization of the processes.

Kalon app (4heat) comunica con i più avanzati sistemi di domotica consentendo il controllo dall’ ambiente domestico e un notevole risparmio sui consumi.

kalon app (4heat) communicates with the most advanced home automation systems allowing the control of the home environment and a notable savings on consumption.