The KALON collection is characterised by a wide range of proposals: one of the most flexible in the national and international market for the production of pellet stoves. In fact, every aesthetic model on the catalogue is combined with different operating possibilities and a great quantity of powers that adapt to the most varied housing needs. Kalon manufactures pellet stoves that work both air and water with the characteristic of being able to offer the same product aesthetics in the two modes of operation.


TOUCH Simple and intuitive like your smartphone but functional like the latest thermostats. Our new Multi-touch display with its clear icons aloud you to interact in a fast and easy way with our product. The elegant colored graphics and fluid animations amplify its beauty. Fully customizable for the most personalized experience, controlling your stove has…

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Hydro H2O allows you to heat the entire dwelling by 2 connecting the product to the existinghydraulic circuit. The H2O VENTILATED, thanksto the presence of the tangential fan, allow to manage the heat in the environment where the stove is installed. The HYDRO SMALL offers, in very small dimensions compared to normal water stoves, highly…

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Eco Design 22 For KALON the respect of the environment is part of its DNA in fact its products fall within the highest classifications of the regulations in force and anticipate those of the future: all products in the catalogue conform to the Ecodesign 2022 regulations (in force from 1 January 2022) established by the…

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Kalon App KALON IS SMART KALON allows you to manage the heat of the stove whenever you want and wherever you want. With the exclusive KALON RADIO CONTROL you can manage your stove while you are comfortably seated on your sofa, up to 10 meters away. Through two-way wireless communication, you can view the product’s…

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HEAT EXCHANGER Kalon utilizes a high performances heat exchanger that has been designed by the engineers of our R&D dept.  This Heat Exchanger runs vertically trough all the lenght of the stove, creating a much bigger exchange surface than the traditionals. The Heat Exchanger is also equipped with turbolators that are located inside the tube…

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Skema System is an exclusive and innovative technology, patented by KALON that exploits the combined action of the Natural Convention (superior) and the Forced Convention (rear) to offer significantly better performance in terms of effectiveness functional, consumptions and fruitive experience. Offers the possibility of fast channeling with SKEMA KIT 2. KALON DUCTED AIR stoves offer…

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