about us

KALON is an interesting and young Italian industrial reality that in a few years from its inception is revolutionating the concept of pellet stove both for the technological and productive pluses and for the careful design.The Mencarini famil y h as a long experience in the field of heating:It started in the 1950’s with a commercial activity aimed at the sale to which in the 1970’s are flanked the investments on the market of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) that one they consolidated in the late the 1990’s with the opening of the new headquarters that spread over a total area of over 50.000 square meters.In 2013, in Tarquinia, KALON was born: 6000 square meters dedicated to offices, showroom, produc tion pl ant wi th research and development, technical office and a laboratory equipped with the most modern tools.

our mission

The word KALON, which derives from the Greek and means “beautiful” expresses fully the company’s mission according to the search for formal b eauty and aesthetics moves in unison with the dignity of practical behaviors for which the concept of beautiful can not ignore from the concept of good. Every day we work and we strive to live up to this strong link between “beautiful and good” that inspires our action and guides all our choices.Design for us means that the aesthetic qualities of our stoves are an integral part of their usefulness, because everything that becomes part of the dail y life of people inevitabl y concerns also their psychophysical well-b eing and can improve the Quality of their lives. We work by putting the person at the center and as a result enormous is our commitment to the planet and its safeguard.Putting people first means to offer a beautiful product, that works well, with a minimum environmental impact and also and above all a product to measure user, that is able to respond to many different needs.