Was born from the collaboration between Romano Adolini and Niccolò Adolini. deals with architecture and design operating in different areas, thanks to the union of the two owners. Romano Adolini, graduated in architecture from the ” La Sapienza ‘university in Rome in 1982, immediately deals with architectural issues, particularly in the lower Viterbo area, where he was born and lives. The architectural works created by the Adolini studio are residential, industrial and recovery of monuments and interior architecture. Attention is paid to its territory and matter, as evidenced by the sanitary ceramic production in the district of Civita Castellana, the world pole of the sector. From the nineties onwards he also dealt with the industrial design activity that sees the studio protagonist of great collaborations with companies such as Boffi, Galassia, Gal, Flaminia; Nicdesign; internatial oils, Axa, White Stone, Kerasan cea, Coacril, Quadro; Aisi etc. Today the head of the Product design department is Niccolò Adolini, also founder, together with Daniele Simonini, of the ADOLINI + SIMONINI studio, operating between Milan and San Paolo.

Entrambi i titolari  svolgono attività didattica presso Università di Ferrara e IED Roma